about silvergrain

Philipp Brinkmann

Silvergrain, the essence and beginning of photography

– at least for Philipp Brinkmann born in 1970 in West Germany.

Starting with traditional black and white photography in the late 80’s, developing and printing in his parents basement. Mostly pictures of his friend’s, which at that time used to be some of the best skateboarders in Europe, as well as just friends.

Soon the camera became his companion everywhere he went and his subject of observation grew from skateboarding to music, streetlife, traveling and landscape, but mostly people.

Over the decades colour and digital photography came, as well as he entered the world of product-/industry- and studio-photography.

Philipp Brinkmann has published pictures in Skateboard Magazins and Newspapers over the last 20 years, done work for exhibitions like the science-tunnel at expo 2000, as well as catalogue images for companies, and general portraits for various clients.